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1.  a quality that arouses emotions


2. the quality that something has when it affects you deeply


  • Writer's pictureNancy Pionk

Updated: May 20, 2018

Hello and welcome to the first post of Poignancy.  

The beautiful bridge you see on my website is the Mackinac Bridge which connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.  It is the third-longest suspension span in the United States and 19th longest suspension span worldwide.  The Mackinac Bridge is an icon from my childhood in Michigan.  My family would cross this bridge over the course of many summers, on our way to the Upper Peninsula for countless camping trips.  

Crossing the Bridge was an event, in and of itself.  Our excitement built for miles before we approached it, with my siblings and I straining to catch the first glimpse of it.

The Bridge was so long (five miles) that it allowed us time to savor the experience of crossing it.  The ride was thrilling, with wind gusts blowing against our car, high towers above us and sky-blue water below: it felt safe and scary at the same time. One Labor Day, I walked the entire bridge with my siblings at my side.

Each of my own transitions had that same mix of scariness and thrilling excitement that I felt on the Mackinac Bridge.  Whether it was leaving the practice of law to follow a path toward joy or learning to be a mediator, a teacher, or a coach, each started with the call toward a dream that was lofty and compelling.  I was motivated by random glimpses of my dream and yet, when it actually came time to make the crossing toward it, it was not without much fear and uncertainty.  It helped to understand that transitions can take time, and that I could savor the learning and unlearning and becoming that is taking place.  It helped to have people walking beside me:  mentors, coaches, teachers, colleagues and friends, who helped me keep my eye on my vision and take one step at a time toward the future.  

In launching my website, I’ve made my most recent crossing into the world of private coaching and consulting.  And with this blog, a new bridge has appeared – an opportunity to connect with you and share and grow together.  I can’t wait to hear about the bridges in front of you now and the crossings you have made and want to make!  Sometimes, the obstacle in front of us seems daunting.  And while not everyone is comfortable crossing the bridge, eventually, we all want to get to the other side.  It is my sincere hope that this blog will provide you with inspiration, ideas, and support for whatever crossing you face.

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